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True skepticism does not begin by being anti-anything. The processes of open consideration and examination (i.e., research) will ultimately establish whether something exists or not. ~ Ingo Swann


READING THE ENEMY'S MIND: Inside Star Gate -- America's Psychic Espionage Program by Paul H. Smith

The Filament Book Club features eBook titles by prominent authors interviewed on COAST to COAST with George Noory. In addition, many of the Book Club titles are not available anywhere else. By joining the book club, you are guaranteed exclusivity of access to some of the worlds most prominent researchers and experiencers in the paranormal.

A Few Suggested Readings:

REMOTE VIEWERS:  The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies -- Jim Schnabel,   ISBN: 0-440-22306-7 {Dell Publishing, NY USA, 1997}

REMOTE VIEWING SECRETS:  A Handbook -- Joseph McMoneagle,   ISBN:1-57174-159-3 {Hampton Roads Publishing, VA USA, 2000}

MIND AT LARGE: IEEE Symposia on the Nature of Extrasensory Perception {An expanded reprint of the original 1979 publication} -- Charles T. Tart (Editor), Harold E. Puthoff (Editor), Russell Targ (Editor),   ISBN: 1571743200 {Hampton Roads Pub. Co., 2002}

CAPTAIN OF MY SHIP, MASTER OF MY SOUL:  Living with Guidance -- F. Holmes Atwater,   ISBN:1571742476 {Hampton Roads Publishing, VA USA, 2001}

MIND TREK:  Exploring Consciousness, Time and Space through Remote Viewing -- Joseph McMoneagle,   ISBN: 1-878901-72-9 {Hampton Roads Publishing, VA USA, 1993}

TRACKS IN THE PSYCHIC WILDERNESS -- Dale Graff,   ISBN: 1862042039 (Element Books).

RIVER DREAMS -- Dale Graff,   ISBN: 1862047154 (Element Books, 2000).

MIRACLES OF MIND -- Russell Targ and Jane Katra,   ISBN: 1577310977 (New World Library).

MIND REACH:  Scientists Look at Psychic Ability -- Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff,   ISBN: 0-440-55665-1 {Hampton Roads, 2005)   Paul H. Smith reviews Mind Reach

THE STARGATE CHRONICLES:  Memoirs of a Psychic Spy -- Joseph McMoneagle,   ISBN:1-57174-225-5 {Hampton Roads Publishing, VA USA, 2000}    Paul H. Smith reviews The Stargate Chronicles

THE PSYCHIC WAR: Parapsychology in Espionage - and Beyond -- Elmer R. Gruber,   ISBN: 0713727624 (Blandford Press).

Books Related to RV:

ENTANGLED MINDS: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality - Dean Radin, ISBN 1416516778
[Radin continues with his exploration of the nature of psi phenomena, presenting a user-friendly theory that rebuts the skeptics' complaint that ESP can't be true because we have no way to explain it.]

THE CONSCIOUS UNIVERSE: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena -- Dean Radin, ISBN 0-062515020 {San Francisco: HarperEdge}

MARGINS OF REALITY: The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World -- Robert G. Jahn and Brenda J. Dunne,   ISBN: 015657246X {Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 06/89}

THE FIELD:  The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe -- Lyn McTaggart,   ISBN: 006019300X {HarperCollins}.

PSYCHIC CRIMINOLOGY:  A Guide for Using Psychics in Investigations (2nd edition) -- Whitney S. Hibbard, Raymond W. Worring, and Rich Brennan,   ISBN: 0398072892 {Springfield IL: Charles C. Thomas, Publisher} 2002.

RV Books Out of Print but still valuable:

EVERYBODY'S GUIDE TO NATURAL ESP:  Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind -- Ingo Swann, ISBN: 0874776686 {J P Tarcher 11/91} (out of print)

YOUR NOSTRADAMUS FACTOR:  Accessing Your Innate Ability to See into the Future -- Ingo Swann,   ISBN: 0671750585 {Fireside 08/93} (out of print)

TO KISS THE EARTH GOODBYE -- Ingo Swann, (autobiography) ISBN: 0440389143 {E.P. Dutton, 2/75; Dell 4/77}

THE MIND RACE:  Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities -- Russell Targ and Keith Harary, ISBN: 0394533569 {Random House 2/94; Ballantine, 2/95} (out of print)

Highly recommended books on other topics:

PEACE, WAR, AND POLITICS:  An Eyewitness Account -- Jack Anderson & Daryl Gibson,   ISBN: 0312856024 (Tor Books).

CONFIDENTIAL:  Uncover Your Competitor's Top Business Secrets Legally and Quickly--And Protect Your Own -- John Nolan,   ISBN: 006661984X (HarperBusiness).

FUTURE WAR:  Non-lethal Weapons in Twenty-First-Century Warfare -- John Alexander,   ISBN: 0312194161 (St. Martin's Press).

THE CREATIVE PRIORITY:  Putting Innovation to Work in Your Business -- Jerry Hirshberg,   ISBN: 0887309607 (HarperBusiness).

CONNECTING THE DOTS:  Making Sense of the UFO Phenomenon -- Paola Harris   ISBN: 0926524577 (Wild Flower Press).
[Mostly about UFOs, but has a section containing interviews with Paul H. Smith, Ingo Swann, and Russell Targ, among others, concerning remote viewing]

Critical Thinking and Philosophy:

PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE AND THE OCCULT -- Peter Grim   ISBN: 0791402045 (New York University Press, 1990). 
[Illustrates the problem of demarcating (telling the difference) between science and "pseudo-" or "para-" science in the fuzzy no-man's land that lies between. Contains useful readings from both sides of the issue.]

CRITICAL THINKING -- Richard L. Epstein   ISBN: 0534561020 (Wadsworth, 2002). 
[An excellent work-book like approach to developing or improving analytical and critical-thinking skills. Some very useful exercises in recognizing faulty reasoning and persuasive but false arguments.]

A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD -- Stephen S. Carey   ISBN: 0534584500 (Wadsworth/Thomson: Belmont CA, 2004)

Fiction: Psi and RV related:

UNSEEN FORCES -- Ed Kovacs   ISBN: 0976209705 (Ardelyan Press, 2004). 
["Kovacs weaves action, romance, alternative archeology, and elements of the paranormal into a bracing thriller that is as informative as it is exciting."]

STEWARDS OF THE FLAME - by Sylvia Engdahl   ISBN: 1419675060
[A thoughtful, speculative approach to ESP as a social transformation tool in the face of overwhelming disapproval in a futuristic society perhaps not so far from our own as we might think.]

Favorite 'fun' books, not RV related:

BACKYARD BALLISTICS -- William Gurstelle (how to build potato cannons, paper match rockets, Cincinnati fire kites, tennis ball mortars, etc.) ISBN: 1556523750 {Chicago Review Press}

THE SPACE CHILD'S MOTHER GOOSE -- Frederick Winsor, with illustrations by Marian Parry, ISBN: 1930900074 {Purple House Press} (Verses about the Universe; Sample):

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
At three o'clock he had his great fall.
The King set the Time Machine back to two.
Now Humpty's unscrambled and good as new


Books that mention Paul H. Smith:

Winning the War - John Alexander  Remote Viewing - Courtney Brown  The Seventh Sense - Lyn Buchanan Psychic Wars - Elmar R. Gruber  Psychic Criminology - W. Hibbard  Unseen Forces - Ed Kovacs The Psychic Battlefield - W. Adam Mandelbaum  Remote Viewing Secrets - Joseph McMoneagle  STARGATE CHRONICLES - Joseph McMoneagle Worker in the Light - George Noory and William J.Birnes  Remote Viewers - Jim Schnabel