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Remote Viewing Instructional Services
True skepticism does not begin by being anti-anything. The processes of open consideration and examination (i.e., research) will ultimately establish whether something exists or not. ~ Ingo Swann


MagmaRemote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc. is committed to the responsible promotion and commercialization of remote viewing, the novel, ESP-based skill developed for the US military. President and primary instructor is Paul H. Smith who, starting from the early 1980s, brings to the business decades of experience in remote viewing training and applications.

RVIS, Inc. has four specific missions:

  1. Since this is what makes our other missions possible, our first priority is training of individuals and small groups in remote viewing-related skills and techniques. Our primary emphasis is on training people in Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), but also teach associative remote viewing (ARV), and we will soon add courses in dowsing, remote viewing analysis, and other related topics.

  2. A second, and equally important mission is public education. Remote viewing is a transformative skill. It is individually transformative, and socially as well. But the impact it could have is seriously weakened by exaggerated claims made about it and the way it is often falsely portrayed to the public. This web site therefore, is also a library of lucid, factual information to help you understand what remote viewing really is, and what it can -- and cannot -- do. As you can imagine, with that as one of our missions this webpage will only continue to grow.

    Also, as part of our outreach, we offer lectures and presentations on remote viewing topics to schools, clubs, and other non-profit organizations. We are also always happy to provide interviews, advice, and materials for the preparation of documentaries and other publicly-broadcast news-oriented programs.

  3. A third important mission is to provide humanitarian support in situations involving missing persons, crime-solving, etc. Because of limited resources and the huge volume of such cases, we can only select a few of the most worthy and "doable" of them (while RV can theoretically "do anything," there are a number of practical constraints that limit the kinds of situations in which it can be effectively used). To nominate humanitarian cases for our consideration and evaluation, please contact Director of Community Outreach.

  4. Finally, we feature a for-profit commercial remote viewing service offering its capabilities to industry, subject to time and other constraints. When performed properly remote viewing can be a "force multiplier" for competitive intelligence and other applications in the business environment.

    To inquire about available remote viewing courses, lectures and presentations, or to discuss commercial/business applications and services please contact us at RVIS, Inc.: Training Coordinator or call our toll-free number (866) 229-RVIS (7847).