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Welcome to the Remote Viewing/Remote Perception Blog

T his blog site promotes a radical idea: That we humans are more than  a mere collection of physical parts and processes. Why is that radical, you wonder? Since people first became able to think, haven’t  most of us believed that human nature was partly physical, yet partly “something else”?

From the days of the early Greeks, and perhaps before, there have always been materialists around—people who thought that nothing existed that wasn’t in some way physical. But since the 1950s or 1960s the certitude has grown that human beings are just complicated pieces of biological machinery—essentially “machines made of meat.” It has become the fashion, especially in science, to reject the idea that there can be anything to humans beyond what can be measured or explained in physical terms. Such thinking leads to an unavoidable conclusion—there is nothing in human nature that is spiritual, or non-physical, or psychic in the ESP sense of the word.

From my own studies and experiences, I know this modern “scientific” belief is mistaken—is its own sort of fantasy. I have discovered for myself that humans are “more than their physical bodies” (as consciousness pioneer Robert A. Monroe aptly and often put it).

This blog documents my own experiences, thoughts, and ideas from more than three decades as a military psychic spy, philosopher, and student of human perception and consciousness. Its main theme will be remote viewing and remote perception, but as I add entries you will also find posts ranging into broader areas of consciousness, intuition,  non-local knowing, and perception as well.  Grab a hold—the ride starts now….

One of Gene Troy's successful Stage 6 (clay modeling) remote viewing targets

A Good Start! 20 Years of Remote Viewing Training

T wenty years ago today Remote Viewing Instructional Services taught it’s first student. On 17 January 1997 an adventurous soul named Ed Bogges signed on to be my first ever civilian student of controlled remote viewing. To be sure, I had by then been doing… Read more

Desert Storm Christmas: Synchronicity During War

Barely four months after my wife Daryl and I were married, I got sent off to help fight a war. Not the best way to build a marriage relationship, especially since I left her with partial custody of three brand new step kids–an instant family… Read more

Does Hair Length Affect ESP? A tale of two heads.

There is a tale making the rounds that if you get your hair cut you lose your psychic ability.  Here’s the gist of the story: The Army’s Special Forces canvased Indian reservations for talented trackers and scouts. They recruited a number of impressively talented Native… Read more

Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann in the early 1970s

“It Could Have Been That Remote Viewing Never Happened”

In an interesting coincidence, perhaps the two greatest watershed events in remote viewing history took place on the anniversaries of two of the biggest World War II events. As Ingo Swann mentions in this audio clip, the first ever experiment using the new remote viewing… Read more

Detail from cover photo from Journeys out of the Body by Robert A. Monroe

Out of the Body…or Out of Your Mind?

(Featured photo: Detail from cover of Journeys out of the Body, by Robert A. Monroe.) Every so often I am asked: “Have you ever had an out-of-body experience?” That is one of those $64-billion-dollar questions (they used to be $64 thousand, but, like the deficit,… Read more

Seven moons composit photo from NASA images with Valentines Day heart

ESP: What’s Love Got to Do With It? A Special Valentines Remote Viewing Blog

We don’t normally connect romance to extrasensory perception (ESP). Yet a book I read not long ago does exactly that. Since it is Valentine’s Day, I want to introduce you to Sally Rhine Feather’s engrossing book The Gift: The Extraordinary Experiences of Ordinary People, and… Read more

Joe Mcmoneagle, Rob Cowart, and Tom McNear at a costume party

Content be Damned!

(Featured image: Rob Cowart, Joe McMoneagle, and Tom McNear at a costume party in the early 1980s. Photo courtesy of Tom McNear.) “Structure! Content be damned.”  Remote viewing has relatively few quotable moments—after all, what is there to say when what matters is actually putting… Read more