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Release of Archives

After nearly eight years of promises, the Central Intelligence Agency has at long last released the bulk of the so-called "Star Gate Archive" to the general public.  At 89,901 pages, making up some 11,985 documents, the Archive is a monumental record of the US government's foray into remote viewing under code-names such as GRILL FLAME, CENTER LANE, SUN STREAK, and others, with the most widely known being STAR GATE.

Included in the almost 90,000 pages and 12,000 documents are:

  • Never-before disclosed reports of the scientific research conducted by scientists such as Dr.  Harold E.  Puthoff, Russell Targ, Dr.  Edwin C.  May, and others at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).
  • Actual operational remote viewing reports containing remote-viewing-derived information on many of the most infamous targets of the Cold War by legendary remote viewers such as Joe McMoneagle, Mel Riley, Bill Ray, Paul H.  Smith, Lyn Buchanan, and numerous others.
  • Extensive previously-secret correspondence and administrative documents disclosing many of the who-did-what-to-whom details that have been embargoed for decades.
  • Plus much more.

For some time now, we have offered a seven-disk set of the full CIA Star Gate Collection Archives. Now, with the emergence of a new and much better product, we have decided that we will no longer offer our version, and invite you instead to go to the new Interactive Star Gate Archives. The Interactive Archives allow you not only to search for and see the actual title of the documents you are seeking, but with a simple click go right to the document instantly, avoiding the long and unwieldy cataloguing numbers the CIA used when organizing the formerly-secret files for public release. No fuss, no muss -- a click or two takes you right to the juiciest details, the most interesting documents, the most fascinating remote viewing sessions. While this product is a bit more costly, that reflects the value-added by its creator Tamra Temple, who spent literally hundreds of hours creating the searchable and clickable data base. If you have already bought the 7-disk set from us, don't despair! Tamra is offering a substantial discount to those who bought the sets from RVIS, Inc. All the content is till in these new, searchable disks -- but is now much easier to access and digest. Buy one today! Click here to find out more.

(Disclaimer: While we are impressed with the work and value-added that has gone into The Star Gate Interactive Archive and believe the product to be of high quality to the best of our knowledge, it is not a product of RVIS, Inc. or Paul H. Smith and we do not provide any warranty, customer support, or promise of satisfaction to purchasers of this product. Such warrants as may be granted to purchasers originate with the seller of the product.)