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Remote Viewing Instructional Services
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Student Training Sessions

Introduction and Overview to Session Samples

In this area you will find sample results taken from real remote viewings performed by a number of my students (except for one example, which was done by me as a student in 1984.) Experience levels of the students ranged from Basic to Advanced.

I've selected sessions that were among the best these and other students have done. As such, they are typical of the level of quality one might expect to achieve when operating at or near top form at whatever level of expertise one has reached. There are many more such examples I could have selected, but did not for two reasons. First, I don't often keep copies of sessions, even those that are successful and high-quality. Second, I've resisted for a while publicly posting example sessions, because every one I post creates a problem: if prospective students see any of these targets, then come to train, there is a danger of analytic overlay developing should they wonder whether any given target they work may not be one they've seen here. The choice becomes one of engendering AOL for students, or having to retire a useful target. In the case of these few targets, I've had to make that hard decision (one so hates to lose a good training target!).

Certainly, the viewers here represented haven't performed this well on every target. They have their share of failures and mediocre results as well. These sessions were, of course, all performed at least with the viewer "blind" to the target. About half of them were done double blind, and were worked with absolutely no contact with the original tasker except through encrypted coordinates transmitted by mail or over the internet. There can hence be no question of inadvertent monitor or tasker "leakage."

Finally, I have not posted entire sessions because I did not want to risk confusing beginning viewers by exposing them prematurely to the advanced formats of later stages of CRV. But I have also not selected just the "best stuff" from each session, leaving behind other, more dubious results. Presented here are the concluding summaries and central session sketches reflecting what the viewer him- or herself felt was significant and reportable about the targets worked.

The viewers represented here are of both sexes and varying ages, of widely diverging professional, educational, and social backgrounds, as well as of widely differing experience-levels with things "psychic." What they do share in common is diligence and persistence in learning and practicing controlled remote viewing skills, while at the same time not taking things too seriously - they recognize that mistakes are inevitable and accept what failures they encounter as steps to success.