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The following documents were retrieved from the recently-declassified Star Gate Project archives, which were released by the Central Intelligence Agency on 14 CD-ROM disks in 2004. There are some who claim to have been members of Star Gate or one of its associated remote viewing programs when in fact they had no such connection. Now that the CIA has made these documents available, we have opted to present them here along with other military personnel records as supporting evidence for Paul H. Smith's seven-year assignment to the military remote viewing program. As we come across other, relevant documents, we will post them as well.

Personnel documents:

Assign-CL-PHS.pdf   This is a working document (the final has not yet been located in the Archives) giving details on personnel being assigned to the INSCOM CENTER LANE remote viewing program, specifically Paul H. Smith and William "Bill" Ray. The specified assignment is to SSPD, SSD, 902nd MI Group (the 'cover' designation for the CENTER LANE military remote viewing program).
CL-status-personnel.pdf   Fact Sheet, Subject: CENTER LANE Update. The document was intended to update Major General Stubblebine, commanding general for the Army's Intelligence and Security Command on recent and pending personnel changes at the remote viewing unit. Though not named, two captains are listed as "new incoming personnel." The captain being transferred from USAOG ("US Army Operations Group") was Paul H. Smith, and the other -- transferring from Fort Huachuca, was Bill Ray. [Of additional interest, besides the personnel changes, was 1) that remote viewing taskings from the National Security Agency had been received, and 2) news of involvement with the Monroe Institute.]
CL-personnel.pdf   Memorandum for Record, Subject: "Personnel Assignments." This document lists personnel officially assigned to SSPD, SSD, 902nd MI Group as of October 3, 1983. Other remote viewing personalities listed here are F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater, Tom McNear, and Joe McMoneagle.

Paul H. Smith is listed as "Staff Training Officer," and the personnel roster position is given. This does not reflect Smith's duties at the time, as he was just a beginning remote viewing trainee. Personnel had to be assigned against open personnel spaces on entering the unit, and this one was available.
CL-funding Memorandum, Subject: Request for CENTER LANE Funding. This document lists various remote viewing and parapsychological initiatives being funded under the CENTER LANE umbrella. Of particular note for our purposes is paragraph 2.a. specifying remote viewing training for three personnel. The three (not named here) are Bill Ray, Charlene Cavanaugh (now Shufelt), and Paul H. Smith.

Position Assignments

Unit-Historian   Specifies Paul H. Smith's additional-duty assignment as unit Historical Officer for the military remote viewing unit. [Additional duties are performed as a secondary responsibilities in addition to an officer's main assignment (in this case, remote viewer).]
Deputy PM   Document assigning Paul H. Smith to be Deputy Program Manager. [The program manager was also known as the "branch chief" or, if military, 'unit commander" for the Ft. Meade military remote viewing organization.]
Desk Officer   This form documents the duties and responsibilities of the position in the remote viewing unit Paul H. Smith occupied prior to his appointment as deputy project manager.

Officer Efficiency Reports

The following are officer efficiency reports written on Paul H. Smith during his tenure in the military remote viewing program. They are posted here for two reasons: a) They provide evidence of Paul's seven years of un-interrupted service with the remote viewing unit. They also provide evidence of other additional duties [for example, unit security officer] and level of performance.

One caveat: The language in these documents tends to be rather inflated -- a consequence of the military's advancement culture, requiring those rating the officer to use exaggerated phraseology. While Paul H. Smith's performance was well regarded, the OERs of other officers would show similar exaggerated prose.

1 September 1983 to 31 August 1984 - Currently unavailable due to classification issues (for one year Smith's and others' records were managed in a special classified personnel category; after that period, reports were written to avoid the classification requirements). Declassification and release of this report have been requested, and it will be posted once that has been approved.

OER-84091 Covers the period 1 September 1984 to 30 June 1985 (this period was shorter than the standard 12 months because the rater was transferred and a new rater designated).
OER-850701 For the period 1 July 1985 to 30 June 1986.
OER-860701 From 1 July 1986 to 30 June 1987.
OER-870701 For 1 July 1987 to 19 January 1988 (another change in rater).
OER-880120+sppt From 20 January 1988 to 19 January 1989 (includes the supporting DA Form 67-8-1, which adds further documentation for preparation of the OER).
OER-890120 From 20 January 1989 to 19 January 1990.
OER-900120 For 20 January 1990 to 21 August 1990 (this OER ends with Paul's reassignment to the 101st Airborne Division for Desert Shield/Storm).

Military Assignment Orders

OpsGrp-to-CL Orders, dated 26 August 1983, reassigning Paul H. Smith from US Army Operations Group to Headquarters, US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), with further instructions to place him in billet Para 09I, Line 04 (for relevance see document CL-personnel above).
XFRtoDIA Orders, dated 13 January 1986, (plus amendment) transferring Paul H. Smith from the CENTER LANE cover unit to the Defense Intelligence Agency, effective 31 January 1986. This move was purely administrative; duties and duty location did not change.
SS-to-101 Orders, dated 20 August 1990, transferring Paul H. Smith from DIA to Fort Campbell, KY, for further reassignment to the 101st Airborne Division.