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True skepticism does not begin by being anti-anything. The processes of open consideration and examination (i.e., research) will ultimately establish whether something exists or not. ~ Ingo Swann

What Our Clients Say About Us

I felt I was training with "one of the best" and getting an authentic, "first-hand" training in CRV. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

(a parapsychologist and PhD candidate in research psychology in Nevada)

There is no substitute for a quality in-person teacher such as Paul. I found Paul's class to be interesting, hard work (much harder than I anticipated), long hours and very rewarding. Paul impressed me as a person with very high integrity, dedication to his students and to teaching remote viewing, and a true professional with enormous expertise in the subject matter. I will be continuing his intermediate class and then on to his advance class as my time, progress and finances permit. I cannot recommend Paul and his remote viewing class highly enough. And the lunch rap sessions, they are terrific. I really looked forward to those breaks from the class work. He is a storehouse of quality information, not just about remote viewing but other topics as well.

(excerpt of an e-mail from a previous client in response to someone inquiring about RVIS remote viewing training)

After having "endured" <BG> Paul through the Basic-Intermediate-Advanced courses, we can attest that he does indeed *not* have an ego problem while having a heckuva good (if generally benign) sense of humor! He does perpetrate the truly outrageous pun from time to time, though, so be warned... No matter what, however, he is indeed a warrior who is strongly motivated to keep the RV record clear...in that I'm in fierce agreement with him. We had a great time with Paul, learned an awful lot, and hope you do too!

(an e-mail from a senior civil service employee and his wife)

Paul's approach correlates to everything I already knew about teaching the conscious and subconscious mind to communicate, plus some...as well as his understanding of plain old teaching standards (ie, visual/kinesthetic /auditory /oral -- hear it, see it, write it, speak it, you finally get it.) I am more than pleased with the results. I have done dreamwork for twenty-five years and felt quite adroit at interpreting my own unconscious content... but yikes, somehow dreams skip right over the kinesthetic component of that communication with the conscious mind. I knew about body language, eye movements, speech patterns, and even how to determine one's primary sensory mode by listening to language predicates. I was not prepared for how subtle it all could become: micromovements, and the combined gestalt of all of the above in the hands of someone truly able to observe all of them as a gestalt pattern.

(from an on-line review of an RVIS basic course by a recent client)

Just wanted to let you know that in retrospect my impressions of the training are very positive. It certainly met all my expectations and more. It is well worth the time, energy, and money.

(from a psychologist and executive consultant in the Atlanta area)

I personally consider myself lucky to be in training with someone I consider to be not only one of the "real and best" CRVers, but one whose attitude toward life is positive and creative. Thanks for a wonderful class, and I'm looking forward to all that follows.

(from a website designer in the Dallas area)

Again I want to thank you for the enjoyable course! I had a great time, and really enjoyed the course--with the anecdotes being some of the highlights.

(from a computer security consultant in Minnesota)

Many thanks for the wonderful and productive course. I look forward to more of the same. You are a superb teacher and I look forward to doing more work with you as soon as I am able.

(from a business administration doctoral candidate in the Bay area)

I very much enjoyed my training with you and I hope someday to be able to do some more.

(from a corrections system psychologist)

What I like about Paul's training,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  1. He's confident and has the courage to do an example blind session to show how it's done!!!
  2. He give CONSTRUCTIVE critiques that further RV growth skills.
  4. He CARES about remote viewing in general.
  5. He's a nice guy.
(from the owner of a regional telecommunications company)
The following review was posted to an e-mail discussion group by an RVIS client in August, 1997:

Hi all, this is kind of a thumbnail report about what it's like to be trained by Paul Smith in CRV "all the way through". Hope it isn't too long for you.

My wife and I just completed our last CRV Advanced Course class-session with Paul the day after the movers came for his furniture, a couple of Tuesdays ago. Talk about timing, getting in under the wire before he ran off to Austin!

Saw some discussion here [on the e-mail list] about teachers & prices, etc. Kinda get what you pay for, is my feeling. After meeting Skip Atwater and Joe McMoneagle at Monroe Institute a few times last year, both of us really wanted to seriously study RV. Found out about Lyn from Joe, as being near to us in MD and reputable. Got the video of Lyn's workshop at Rutgers, seemed like he'd be an ok teacher. Tried to get started with him but he was backlogged to the hilt. Then he mentioned this January on his webpage that Paul had retired from the Army and was starting again to teach CRV, as he had done at the DIA/Army unit.

We contacted Paul and really hit it off with him, he's great to be around and really an interesting and enthusiastic guy! We began the Basic in February, then did the Intermediate and have just now finished the classwork for the Advanced. Got lots of assigned practice targets yet to do, though, before we're really finished. The whole experience has been great, we feel really privileged to be the first of Paul's post-Army students to get the "whole load" of CRV from him. It was kind of a hoot taking the training from the original 1986 DIA/Army Instruction Manual (that he was the main author of and is in the process of re-writing for his RVIS Inc.). In the training, Paul tried to be as faithful to Ingo Swann in underlying concept as possible, passing on what Ingo taught him, and he was careful to point out what was later developed by the Army unit or by himself. We feel really solidly grounded in CRV theory and practice - the stuff that has really worked.

Paul has been a great teacher, very clear, articulate, patient and supportive, and has spent LOTS of time with us in the past six months. He is top-flight, absolutely knows his business as well as anyone in the field, and has stayed active in RV work ever since he left the unit, so the experiences he shares are fresh. CRV training has been hard work, though he has made it very interesting. When you do a full-up CRV session through Stage 6, you know you've done some work, and you don't want to do more than one (well, maybe 2 if you have to) per day even when well rested. I think by now we each must have around 60 sessions under our belts, and feel that there is absolutely no doubt the stuff works for us. When you build a clay model that looks like the target picture, all doubt dissipates!

Paul has assigned absolutely no targets without full feedback. As a professional adult trainer myself, I fully agree with Paul and the others that full and clear visible feedback in training is essential. In the class, he personally monitored each of our sessions. One thing I understand is that some of the other instructors do not themselves directly monitor each student, while Paul does so because of his insistence that we learn from one who knows what it feels like to be "on the signal line." I think that his "catapult" approach has helped us to get consistently good results early on and since.

Bottom line (I could talk for weeks about our experiences, so will shut up): After spending all this time (and admittedly the $$) with Paul, we feel well on our way towards becoming professional RVers. If that's your goal, go for the high-priced spread!

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