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Remote Viewing Instructional Services
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Advanced Remote Viewing Course

Like the Intermediate Course, the Advanced Courses takes approximately another 40 hours, and builds upon the skills you have learned in the Basic and Intermediate Courses.  The Advanced Course finishes Stage V and goes through to the completion of Stage VI.  Again, because of the dynamics of the session work at the more advanced stages, an even larger proportion of the time is spent actually "hands-on" in actual CRV sessions.  A Stage V or VI session can last more than an hour.  The same price and conditions as for the Basic and Intermediate Courses apply for the Advanced Course.

Advanced Course instruction includes:

  • Stage V theory instruction and exercises.
  • Stage VI matrix and exercises.
  • Stage VI spatial assessment strategies.
  • Fourth-dimensional CRV applications (time lines, temporal assessment strategies).
  • Stage V sessions.
  • Stage VI sessions.
  • In-session three-dimensional modeling.
  • Practical application of spatial and fourth-dimensional assessment strategies.
    At Home
  • The usual ten follow-on sessions with RVIS, Inc. support are provided as part of the Advanced Course. Because of the more extensive nature of Stage V and VI sessions, however, RVIS-supplied targets and session support beyond the ten included in the course package are $35.00 each.


Pricing and Overview of Training