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Remote Viewing Instructional Services
True skepticism does not begin by being anti-anything. The processes of open consideration and examination (i.e., research) will ultimately establish whether something exists or not. ~ Ingo Swann

Basic Course Structure


  RVIS, Inc. has a well-earned reputation for providing the most thorough,
in-depth remote viewing training program available anywhere. Now, well
into our 18th year, we remain the leader in the field for theory,
practical exercises, and hands-on remote viewing training for the
serious-minded. All along, we have not been standing still. Our basic
program has grown from a 25-hour, 3 ½ day course to 5 days totaling
up to 48 hours of in-house instructions, plus nightly homework. We continue to improve our program, with added insight into the psychology of human learning, perception, consciousness and newly-discovered science that contributes to our understanding of how remote viewing works, and how it interacts with basic human nature.

  Along the way, we also have gained a reputation for being the toughest course around. Often only the most determined have had the courage to undertake the rigorous training we provide, and even they have occasionally departed at the end of a five-day basic course exhausted. Our reputation for toughness has sometimes scared off students looking for a more relaxed pace.

 But in 2010, RVIS, Inc. heard your concerns! That year we introduced a new format. Our previous model had the course starting Thursday morning and lasting until Monday evening, with Sunday as an "assimilation" day -- a day off to catch up with homework and take a breather, but with no classroom time. Still, training days lasted up to 14 hours, and students were often exhausted.

 Starting in May 2010, however, our basic coursewas changed to  begin Monday morning, and end the following Saturday morning, in time for students to fly home that day, if they so desired. The assimilation day was modified to include low-impact training events in and out of the classroom, but still with some time off for a break. The number of course-hours have been slightly expanded, but days end earlier and homework is lighter -- no more 14-hour training days followed by two hours of homework. We have managed this without losing any of the content that has made us justly respected as the premier remote viewing training program.

  The new program required no additional nights of hotel stay, nor any more time away from your job. And – at least for now -- the course tuition remains the same as it has been for the past decade and a half. So, sign up now for one of our Basic Controlled Remote Viewing Courses. If your goal is to truly learn remote viewing, you will not be sorry!

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   Details of all courses are available on our website:
Pricing and Overview of Training, Basic Course, Intermediate Course, and Advanced Course.

   For additional information, contact Paul H. Smith or call toll free at 866-229-7847
*During spring, summer, and fall, classes are held in Cedar City, the heart of the Southwest's awe-inspiring Color Country. During the winter, courses are held in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.
*Intermediate and Advanced Courses are scheduled on an "as needed" basis. If you are an RVIS, Inc. student nearing completion of your at-home skills reinforcement sessions and are ready to move on to the next course level, please contact Paul H. Smith for details.