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Remote Viewing Instructional Services
True skepticism does not begin by being anti-anything. The processes of open consideration and examination (i.e., research) will ultimately establish whether something exists or not. ~ Ingo Swann

Example Session 1

How the Great Pyramid. This pyramid is thought to have been built between 2589 - 2566 BC. It would have taken over 2,300,000 blocks of stone with an average weight of 2.5 tons each. The total weight would have been 6,000,000 tons and a height of 482 feet (140m). It is the largest and the oldest of the Pyramids of Giza. 


"Summary: Rising up over a bleak, sparse landscape is a solitary, solid structure. Colors of black, white, and grey. Initially . . . like the sketches "morphed" into a triangular structure like the Cheops Pyramid. The structure is located in a bleak, windswept, expansive area which was grey and monotonous. Bands or lines run horizontally across the structure. At the top the lines radiate out around the peak of the structure. Solid structure."