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True skepticism does not begin by being anti-anything. The processes of open consideration and examination (i.e., research) will ultimately establish whether something exists or not. ~ Ingo Swann

Example Session 4

Ettal -- Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian founded the Benedictine abbey in 1330, as he had vowed he would after encountering extreme difficulties with his army in Italy. At ghe same time granted the cloister the protection of an order of knights which existed until his death in 1347. The Emperor brought with him a statue of the Virgin Mary sculpted in Carara marble (14th century) which can be seen in a nook in the high altar. In 1744, the cloister and church were destroyed by fire. This was also the end of the academy for knights which had been in existence since 1711. Aside from the arts of chivalry, the adademy also affered upper school and university level education. In 1752, Josef Schmuzer completed the new building in the rococo style after plans by Enrico Zuccali, and heigthended the old twelve cornered gothic nave to accomodate the baroque dome with its lantern and cross (outside) at a height of 75 meters.  

"The structure is multileveled, with squares, repetition of rectangles, and a domed area.  There is a parking lot outside and trees.  There are people here.  There is a stepping down or up area.  There are bird and barking sounds.  The colors white, green, grey, red, blue, gold, yellow, and brown are present inside--the colors brown and black are also present.  There is something cream colored and something finely gritty.  There is something soft at the target.  There are wooden surfaces and stone surfaces.  There is light shining through colored glass.  Something is round, tall, and narrow.  There is something ornate and the structure has historic value.  There are two large rectangular doors. 

There are cars in the parking lot.  There is [an impression] of seriousness, respectfulness, deeply felt feelings.  it is a place where opinions are expressed and people have anticipation of outcome.  There are people in white flowing clothing with draping over the head on some.  There are books and files at this site.  There is a work of art there. 

"It is a holy place."

"Something in the dome is smooth yet lumpy and hard. There is repetition of wide to narrow sections."