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Remote Viewing Instructional Services
True skepticism does not begin by being anti-anything. The processes of open consideration and examination (i.e., research) will ultimately establish whether something exists or not. ~ Ingo Swann


Since its first beginnings, remote viewing has been plagued by the so-called "search problem." This is so because remote viewing is a "descriptive" technique, where a target and its surroundings can be described, sometimes with remarkable accuracy, by a person using mental powers alone. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for a remote viewer to provide precise information about the position of a missing object, person, or unknown location. I put it this way: Remote viewers can "find" something that is missing; they just can't "locate" it very well.

As one solution to the search problem, we in the military remote viewing program at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, often looked to the ancient art of dowsing for help. Over the years we developed some new approaches to dowsing and adapted older dowsing techniques to suit the problems we had to solve. Like remote viewing, dowsing wasn't always successful for us - but it did work often enough to become a valuable tool in support of military intelligence operations. It can do the same for you.

I have talked about dowsing for years in conjunction with the work done at Fort Meade, though never in great detail. Over the years I also have introduced many of my advanced course CRV students to RV-related dowsing techniques as an added element to their remote viewing training. But with the recent declassification and public release of the CIA's Star Gate Program archives, it is now possible to present a complete course in the fundamentals of military dowsing, and how it can be applied in your everyday lives in situations where you can't get all the facts, but still need to take action. In discussion with Intuitive Design, a production company specializing in state-of-the-art video-training presentations, I decided a DVD-based documentary and guided-study course would be the best way to reach people interested in this skill-set in a timely manner and without them having to make the lengthy trek to Austin, TX for in-person training. Order this DVD by going to LearnDowsing.com

I wish you, in the words of the dowsing community's motto, indago felix -- a fruitful search.