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Kiau during a remote viewing session
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Protocol…or Method? Another remote viewing controversy

What is a protocol? What is a method? Are they different? Or is this merely a distinction without a difference (in other words, the words are different, but is there any real difference)? Even after two decades people in the remote viewing community still debate… Read more

Ingo Swann with his military controlled remote viewing students in 1984
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Did Ingo Swann Add More Stages to Controlled Remote Viewing?

The original version of Controlled remote viewing (CRV) was created in partnership between Ingo Swann and Dr. Harold E. Puthoff. Their version of CRV is the genesis of most remote viewing methods taught and practiced today. Their final product consists of six steps, or “stages,”… Read more

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Don’t Tell the Authorities! (Or, what do I do if I get a premonition of disaster?)

Have you or someone you know ever had a thought that seemed to be a premonition or foreboding of some disaster about to occur? If so, have you (or they) wondered anxiously what you should do about it, whom you should tell? Recently, I received… Read more

Detail from cover photo from Journeys out of the Body by Robert A. Monroe
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Out of the Body…or Out of Your Mind?

(Featured photo: Detail from cover of Journeys out of the Body, by Robert A. Monroe.) Every so often I am asked: “Have you ever had an out-of-body experience?” That is one of those $64-billion-dollar questions (they used to be $64 thousand, but, like the deficit,… Read more