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Does Hair Length Affect ESP? A tale of two heads.

There is a tale making the rounds that if you get your hair cut you lose your psychic ability.  Here’s the gist of the story: The Army’s Special Forces canvased Indian reservations for talented trackers and scouts. They recruited a number of impressively talented Native Americans, but once these folks cut their hair to military standards, they mysteriously lost their abilities.  Scary, no—especially for those of us who regularly engage in psychic behavior?

However, once this story started to float about on the Internet, enterprising souls researched to see if there was substance to it. They could find no instance of the Special Forces recruiting Indians specifically to be scouts, nor confirm any stories about cutting hair adversely affecting psychic functioning (at least, that weren’t all spin-offs of this particular Internet legend.) But I have a better refutation to this mythical story. If it is true that losing one’s hair leads to psychic dysfunction, then why can I still remote view?

Paul H Smith in 1984 and 2014

Paul in 1984 and 2014


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  1. 😉 What has to be taken into consideration is that everyone reacts and is affected differently to different stimuli, different situations and different things. Just like one person can eat something and get sick and someone else eats the same thing and feels fine. one person may live in the same environment, have the same blood type etc. and be exposed to the same environmental radiation etc., one gets cancer and the other doesn’t.

    Every individual is different in how things affect them.

    • Yes, Kristen. But even more significant are the negative messages we send ourselves and each other that can come to limit us psychologically. On the hair length thing, there is absolutely no evidence that hair length matters (the original story itself is very suspicious; for instance, there is apparently no record that the US military purposely recruited Indian scouts for Vietnam) Hair is certainly not an extension of the nervous system, nor does it function as an antenna as some suggest. Even if it did, it has pretty much been proved that ESP has nothing to do with brain wave or electromagnetic signals. But some people would find that once they had absorbed the hair length message, it might affect their abilities even when it didn’t before. But it would be a psychological effect, not a paranormal one.

    • By the way, Kristen, my post wasn’t aimed specifically at you. In the past couple of months people in my larger Internet circle have circulated that story three times. I just finally contributed my own comment to the fray!

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