Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing Course Details

Our Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing course continues from where the Intermediate course left off. It follows the same general format as do the previous two courses: That is, five and a half days of intense remote viewing training, comprising more than 40 hours of carefully-illustrated classroom presentations, appropriate practical exercises, and hands-on remote viewing sessions. It also has the same intense but manageable one-on-one instructor supervision of remote viewing sessionsAdvanced Course instruction includes:


  • Stage 5 controlled remote viewing (CRV) concepts; the meaning and purpose of emanations; the structure and use of the objects, attributes, subjects and topics headings; plus the process (and cautions) for  extracting of valid data from analytical overlay (AOL).
  • Construction and proper use of the Stage 6 matrix and surrounding concepts.
  • The basics, techniques and materials of three-dimensional modeling, and its connection to the Stage 6 matrix.
  • Intro to the “search problem,” and its solution via dowsing; introduction and application of temporal shifts and timelines.


  • Three-dimensional modeling is an important part of our Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing course
    Three-dimensional modeling is an important part of our Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing course.

    Stage 5 category construction, selection and fill-in exercise.

  • Execution of a full Stage 5 session (beginning with Stage 1 and continuing through Stage 5).
  • Simulated Stage 6 modeling exercise, using three-dimensional construction and modeling materials (provided in-class).
  • Instructor-supervised execution of live Stage 6 sessions against real-world remote viewing targets (approximately 6).
  • Instructor-supervised execution of live Stage 6 dowsing & temporal shift session.

AT HOME (“Homework”)

  • The course continues when you return home, with ten reinforcement sessions which you work at home at your own pace. Each of the after-course sessions include a target coordinate, a feedback package for after the session is completed, and a full evaluation of your session transcript to help you see what you did wrong and what you did right.

(As with the Basic and Intermediate courses, extra sessions scored by Paul are available at a cost of $35.00 each.)