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“Messages From Your Mind,” News From the Future, using associative remote viewing!

Want to use your intuition to find out how a future event will turn out? How about putting your intuition to work earning a profit? You as a human being have the innate ability to access knowledge your present self doesn’t have now, but that your future self will have in a few days or weeks from now. The pathway to success is associative remote viewing. [Click here if you’re unfamiliar with ARV]

Learn how to get your mind to send you “messages” from the future that you can use for your own well-being today. It is called Associative Remote Viewing (ARV), and has been scientifically vetted. We know it works. And we can teach you how to do it.


Why Take an Associative Remote Viewing Course with RVIS, Inc.?
An RVIS, Inc. associative remote viewing (ARV) class during a judging exercise
An RVIS, Inc. associative remote viewing (ARV) class during a judging exercise.

Simply because we offer the most complete, most thorough ARV training available—anywhere! Unlike any other ARV course, we teach you every aspect of the ARV process.

Associative remote viewing is far more than just the basic function of remote viewing. There are, in fact, six aspects to an ARV project, and four roles that need to be filled for that project to be successful. To get the most out of ARV, it is important know how to do each of those steps yourself. No other course teaches you this. In our course you learn not just by doing—you also learn the principles, the process, and the “why” of every aspect of ARV.


What do we mean?
  • Knowing how to do each job will make you a better ARV remote viewer.
  • You will understand exactly what the other members of the team need from you in order to make winning decisions.
  • You will be prepared to fill every ARV role in addition to remote viewer when called upon.
  • You will be prepared to deal with pitfalls inherent in the ARV process, such as displacement (which ruins many an ARV project), helping you avoid mistakes others often make in the tasking, judging, and feedback portions of the process.
  • You will be fully prepared to manage our own ARV project.

We also give you a variety of opportunities to do ARV against an assortment of investment scenarios, including stocks, currency exchanges, sports events—and the Pick-3 Lottery. You will have more remote viewing opportunities in our course than in any other—and each target set you do will be personally selected for you and you alone in that particular exercise.

One highlight of the course that you will find nowhere else is a live lecture (via Skype) with Dr. Hal Puthoff, creator of the CIA remote viewing program, and manager of one of the earliest and most successful ARV projects against the silver futures market. Hal will show and tell you how ARV was developed and successfully exploited to make money, and will answer your questions (this lecture is subject to Dr. Puthoff’s availability).

As thorough as this course is, it makes sense that there is a necessary time investment. The RVIS, Inc. ARV course is three days long, plus a feedback event on the fourth day (usually beginning on a Wednesday and ending the following Saturday morning). That is because it is packed with instruction, exercises, and hands-on ARV practice that will maximize your learning experience and enhance any ARV skills you may already possess. And we guarantee that you will have fun doing it!

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