RVIS, Inc. associative remote viewing class members in a breakout session
RVIS, Inc. associative remote viewing class members in a breakout session

Associative Remote Viewing (or “ARV”): Don’t let the long name fool you—the concept is easy to understand, and (with a little knowledge and practice) easy to do. ARV is a valuable method for using your remote viewing skills to help you earn money and make important decisions. (How does ARV work? Find out here.)

In this class you will learn Associative Remote Viewing techniques from Paul H. Smith, Ph.D. (Major, US Army, ret.), a seven-year veteran of the Star Gate military remote viewing program. Paul has over three decades of experience using and teaching remote viewing to people like you.

Major components of the course include:

  • A beginning diagnostic ARV session.
  • Basic associative remote viewing procedures and techniques.
  • Principles and problems of target selection.
  • Principles and problems of target pool creation.
  • Viewing protocols.
  • Judging/discriminating ARV results.
  • Feedback principles and rules.
  • ARV project management.
  • Selected investing hacks.
  • Numerous practical exercises using real financial targets.
  • A closing exercise involving (a small amount of) real money invested against a real ARV problem with relatively high payoff potential.

Participants will learn all six aspects of ARV success, and to perform all ARV roles: tasker, viewer, project manager, and judge. Tuition includes three full days of instruction (24+ course hours) and all course instructional materials.


To attend this class you must have the ability to remote view at a basic level.

If you have no basic remote viewing training or experience, we recommend you complete Paul’s home-study course, Remote Perception: Basic Operational Training before you attend. (Those who use this option should bring their copy of the Remote Perception DVD set to the first day of class for a $50 refund off the cost of the ARV class.)

Unsure whether you need this preliminary instruction, call Paul at 866-229-7847 or email him at phsmith@rviewer.com (put ARV Question in the subject line).

But what if I already have taken an ARV course from someone else – or am scheduled to take one?

Are you scheduled to attend another program and wonder whether RVIS, Inc.’s course will also be worth attending? Or have you already taken someone else’s ARV class?

No problem! You will find that RVIS, Inc.’s “Messages From Your Mind” ARV course is fully compatible with courses from other vendors, and will more than enhance your experience by filling in blanks and giving you hands-on experience in the full spectrum of roles essential to the ARV process.*

Register for an RVIS, Inc. ARV course.

*Unlike our standard CRV courses, we can accommodate up to ten students at a time in our ARV course.