Upcoming Talks and Lectures by Paul

Paul’s Upcoming Speaking Appearances and Workshops My plate is full in terms of speaking appearances and workshops across the globe for the rest of this year. I just returned from …

New RVIS Website!

We have had the same website now for about ten years. The original was crafted to the then-latest standards by the late Shelia Massey, who passed away from breast cancer …

An example of a high-quality sketch from a real remote viewing session, compared to the target

New Basic Course Scheduled!

New course scheduled! Now available for sign-ups, Basic Controlled Remote Viewing class, Monday-Saturday, 9-14 October 2017, Cedar City Utah (3 spaces remaining). [Add link to course schedule page]

Remote Viewing and the Nazca Lines

Latest article from the Remote Viewing/Remote Perception Blog: “Deflecting a Cheap Shot: Remote Viewing and the Nazca Lines.” Once you have posted your Amazon review, just contact Paul at bookreview@rviewer.com …

New Zealander Dave Boles

A new “My Remote Viewing Journey” posted on YouTube. New Zealander Dave Boles tell us how he got involved in remote viewing, and CRV training.