Levels of Remote Viewing Training

Many folks approach me about remote viewing training. Some already know what they want. They’ve done their research, and now they’re ready to start my training program. They just need …

Remote Viewing and AOL: The Monster in the Closet

AOL is the response of the viewer’s analytic mind to the information being received by the subconscious intuitive mind. It may be correct, semi-correct, or totally incorrect. And if handled improperly, it can mess up your remote viewing.

Is Cool-down…Cool?

Normally, one cools down after working or exercising hard. In remote viewing, the cool-down comes first. It was Thursday, January 19, 1984. We were in the windowless, highly-secret consciousness research …

Beware the Unknown Tasker

Ever since remote viewing became a “thing” (and I’m talking 1971, not just 1995 or even 2020!) folks have wanted to kick the tires and take it out for a test drive. But that brings problems with it. Here is one.

Digesting the Many Flavors of Remote Viewing

What’s the difference between CRV, ERV, ARV, TRV, SRV (and that’s just the start), they want to know? That’s what new people entering the remote viewing world often think when faced with the many “kinds” of remote viewing they see there.