This was a controlled remote viewing session performed by Paul H. Smith on 1 October 1987, with Gene Lessman as monitor for the Sun Streak military remote viewing program. The target was listed as “Activities in Structures,” with the further tasking to first “Describe nature and scope of activity at a facility at a specific location [the coordinates were encrypted, so the specific location is not specifically known].” Additional tasking was to further “Describe manner in which this is accomplished.” None of this information was provided the viewer, so the viewer was fully blind. It was general practice that the monitor would also be blind to the target. Other documentation listed this as a Soviet research and development target, with the intelligence collection request originating with the technology directorate of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Though this viewer was never offered direct feedback for this session, the customer evaluation sent to the Sun Streak management stated that there was “good viewer correlation and detail” with regard to the target. To see more recent examples of successful remote viewing sessions please go to our example page.


Star Gate Remote Viewing Project 8715