Target 776 is Tuzigoot ruins

(Native American, Sinagua Culture, ca. 1125-1400 C.E.)

Clarkdale, Arizona
34° 46′ 08″ N  //  112° 01′ 37″ W


Target 776 is Tuzigoot Native American ruins in Arizona.


Target 776 is Tuzigoot Native American ruins in Arizona









Tuzigoot viewed from the top

Google Earth view of Tuzigoot
Google Earth view of Tuzigoot.












Possible Stage 2s: rough, rocky, dry, arid, stony, pebbly, warm, hot, grainy, sandy, powdery, abrasive, pocked, mottled, splotchy, white, tan, brown, grey, shadowy, shady, earthy, green, vegetative smells, prickly, bristly, buzzing, humming, clattering, crunching, breezy, chalky, dusty

Possible dimensionals: tall, stacked, enclosed, labyrinthian, surrounding, wide, dense, high, overlooking, perched, angular, sloping, boxy, hollow, expansive

Possible AI: fascinating, interesting, impressive, beautiful, exhilarating

Possible S4/S6 data: abandoned, preserved, historical, ancient, ruins, desert, compartmented, partitioned, archaeological, research, educational, remote, isolated, visited, tourism, sight-seeing