Ingo Swann Letter Confirming Accuracy of the Coordinate* Remote Viewing Manual

The following is an exact copy of the letter Ingo Swann sent expressing his endorsement of the Coordinate Remote Viewing* Manual published by the Defense Intelligence Agency on 1 May 1986, with Paul H. Smith as primary author and editor.

The manual was unclassified, but not in public circulation until the mid 1990s. There is a fair amount of understanding about this manual in the general public and within the remote viewing community. That is laid to rest as you can discover here. Smith, with significant assistance from the other military CRV students of Ingo Swann and Hal Puthoff (among them Bill Ray, Tom McNear and Charlene Shufelt) drafted the manual. Upon its completion, Capt. F. (“Fred”) Holmes Atwater, the training and operations officer for the remote viewing unit, forwarded a copy of the manual to Ingo Swann at his residence in New York City for his examination. Mr. Swann replied with the following signed letter. After he received the letter, Capt. Atwater framed the original and presented it to then-Capt. Smith, who still has it in his possession.

The original text of the manual can be found linked from this page on this website.

(One clarification: Even though Ingo Swann was under the impression–as noted in the letter’s text–that Ed Dames had contributed to this manual, Dames had sometime before it’s the manual was begun returned to his home unit on Ft. Meade, and was not assigned to the remote viewing program until the manual had been substantially completed.)

Ingo Swann letter endorsing the accuracy of the DIA CRV manual
Ingo Swann letter endorsing the accuracy of the DIA CRV manual.


*Now at the request of Ingo Swann called “controlled remote viewing”