New In-Person Remote Viewing Course Schedule Announced

Remote Viewing Course
Student working in a remote viewing course.

At last! We have now scheduled a new remote viewing course as COVID seems to be coming under control.  And more are following quickly on its heels! Though we might not be completely to the COVID-free era, we believe that the risk will have decreased enough by the end of April to once again offer our highly-regarded Controlled Remote Viewing courses. Our first Controlled Remote Viewing Basic Course in more than a year is scheduled for the week of  26 April – 1 May 2021 (as usual, this is a Monday morning through Saturday noon period). Not to disappoint those who might be interested, but the April class is ALREADY full. However, we have now scheduled another Basic CRV course for the middle of May, and we will soon be announcing dates for June and, later, for August as well. (You can access our controlled remote viewing course schedule here to register. And you can find full descriptions or our remote viewing course offerings here.)

Throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons, we hold each in-person remote viewing course in our comfortable training spaces on the outskirts of picturesque Cedar City, Utah, in the heart of the mystical Color Country of Southern Utah. We leverage the surrounding landscape to our advantage, incorporating the natural beauty and amazing vistas–not to mention some of the artifacts left behind by ancient Native American cultures–to enhance and make more vivid the remote viewing principles you will be learning.

To avoid the frequent snow falls in Cedar City, during in the deepest winter months we move our training program to a comfortable and affordable hotel in the greater Las Vegas area. There we can enjoy the more temperate winter climate while still maintaining the high quality training that our company has become widely known for. And we will have field trips into nature even there, so that under our guidance you can discover what those settings have to tell you about your remote viewing skill development.

To get an idea of what being a remote viewing student is like, watch Paul’s interview with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove on his “New Thinking Allowed” series.