On Wednesday, September 13th, Rob Lowe and his college age sons encounter remote viewing on the “Lowe Files,” on A&E Network.

New course scheduled! Now available for sign-ups, Basic Controlled Remote Viewing class, Monday-Saturday, 9-14 October 2017, Cedar City Utah (3 spaces remaining). (Posted 31 August 2017) [Add link to course schedule page]

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Latest article from the Remote Viewing/Remote Perception Blog: “Deflecting a Cheap Shot: Remote Viewing and the Nazca Lines.”

Now available! The 2015 Remote Viewing Conference on DVD. Order individual talks (including Paul’s presentation on ideograms) or the whole conference.

A new “My Remote Viewing Journey” posted on YouTube. New Zealander Dave Boles tell us how he got involved in remote viewing, and CRV training.

New Thinking Allowed “Video Nugget” features Paul H. Smith in four-minute discussion of “Military Screening for Remote Viewers.”

“Don’t Tell the Authorities!” A new article from Paul’s Remote Viewing/Remote Perception Blog.

RVIS’s own Nancy Jeane tells her “My Remote Viewing Journey” in this short YouTube video.