This page archives background historical documents giving context for the development, history and use of remote viewing over the years. While there are just a few documents here now, we may add more as time goes on. Some of these will predate the military’s Star Gate program, but we may add others that provide context from later in the program as well. Most often we will post these here in PDF-viewer format that can be scrolled through. If the full document can be linked to elsewhere on the Internet, we may include those links for those who want to download their own copies to their local computers.

A lot of misunderstanding exists in the remote viewing community over some of the issues surrounding the creation of remote viewing and the conduct of the Star Gate program, and hopefully these documents will help to create a clearer picture for those who may be confused. Where possible (and I have time), we will include brief descriptions of what the documents are and contain.


USSR and Warsaw Pact Background Documents
Controlled Offensive Behavior

This document compiles much of what was known by 1972 (the remote viewing program was founded in the 1972 to 1973 time frame) about Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact research into what might be termed paranormal and frontier science. Army Capt. John D. MaMothe created this 174-page document from both classified and open-source documents spanning the period from 1874 to 1972, and focuses particularly on technologies that  (as the preface to the document states) constitute “revolutionary methods of influencing human behavior.”

The preface further notes that “Due to the nature of Soviet research in the area of reorientation or incapacitation of human behavior, this report emphasizes the individual as opposed to groups.” As such, the report covers both paranormal and more conventional means of accomplishing those ends.

Controlled Offensive Behavior - USSR


Paraphysics R&D–Warsaw Pact

The Air Force’s Foreign Technology Division published this formerly-SECRET document. Dale Graff, who played a prominent role in the history of the government remote viewing program, authored the document in 1978.



Soviet Psychology

This document (also from 1978) summarizes the “state of the art in Soviet Psychology in the areas of behavior modification, psycho-surgery, psychopharmacology, parapsychology, and engineering psychology.”





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