The remote viewing field exists only because of the people, noteworthy and notorious, who either created it, fostered it, developed it, cultivated it, promoted it or—even—undermined or detracted from it. This page documents the lives and accomplishments of a wide array of people who have played some kind of role in the remote viewing saga. Prominent among these are, of course, individuals such as Dr. Harold E. Puthoff, Ingo Swann, Russell Targ, F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater, and others. The people and their stories linked here on this page are the early steps of a work in progress. We will add entries as time goes on and the need arises. For now, the page exists so that when remote viewing personalities are mentioned in articles on our blog, readers can link through to get background on those important to various events and activities in the remote viewing field.

We are also open to recommendations. If you would like to suggest names of people notable to remote viewing whose biographies you don’t find available here, please send an email with suggestions for us to Since the remote viewing community continues to expand at a rapid pace, and new generations of remote viewers begin to develop their own stature in the community, we won’t be able to include everyone. We will naturally focus primarily on  those of the most significance to the history and development of the remote viewing heritage, and of course will prioritize those who come up for mention in the articles in the remote viewing blog and this website. What we’re trying to say, is that we will take some of your suggestions, but may not be able to accommodate all of them. Please don’t be disappointed if yours doesn’t eventually show up here. We will do the best we can!

Harold E. Puthoff, PhD

Ingo Swann

Russell Targ

F. Holmes “Skip”Atwater

Melvin C. “Mel” Riley

William G. “Bill” Ray

Gabrielle Pettingell, LTC, US Army Reserve

Edward A. Dames