Target 621 is the Space Needle

Seattle, Washington

47° 37′ 13.76″ N // 122° 20′ 57.44″ W


Space Needle
Target 621 is the Space Needle

(You might perceive some or all of the following, or other relevant elements not listed)

Some Stage 2 (sensory) elements you might Perceive:

Shiny, Metallic, Cream color, Black, Cool, Glassy, Shadowy, Damp (depending on the weather at the site), White, Flapping sounds, Clanging, Breezy, Red, Blue, Sunny, Rushing sounds, Echoing, Exhaust smells, Fresh smells, Chirping, Fluttering, Green, Vegetationy smells

Some Dimensional elements you might perceive:

Tall, Rounded, Curving, Tapering, Hollow, Airy, Towering, Looming, Dished, Spoked, Spindly, Overlooking, Slim, Thin, Beveled, Perched, Layered


More advanced viewers might get:

Tourism, View point, Iconic, Land mark, Windows, Elevator, People visiting, Urban setting, Point of pride, Famous, People looking out, Rotating


Session Gallery

(selected session transcripts from people who have done this target)

David Boles


Sheila Daffer Miller

Nance Head

Charlie Peralta