Target 200407719 is the shovel-excavator SHE-22
(a Bucyrus-Erie 120-B electric ore shovel)

635 N Main St, Cedar City, UT 84721
37° 41′ 19.20″ N // 113° 03′ 43.75″ W
Remote viewing target 200407719 is Shovel-excavator SHE-22
Remote viewing target 200407719 is Shovel-excavator SHE-22, Cedar City, Utah.
Close up of the bucket of SHE-22
Close-up of the bucket of SHE-22.
Interior view of SHE-22
Interior view of SHE-22.
Operator's station of SHE-22
Operator’s station of SHE-22.







(The history and use of this impressive machine is available here.)

(You might perceive some or all of the following, or other relevant elements not listed)

Some Stage 2 (sensory) elements you might Perceive:

Metallic,  White, Red, Black, Grey, Gritty, Oily, Rusty smells, Rusty tastes, Rusty color, Oily taste, Flaking, Cracked, Abrasive, Streaked, Cool, Grimy, Dusty, Powdery, Breezy, Clanging, Echoey, Traffic sounds

Some Dimensional elements you might perceive:

Tall, Wide, Long, Hollow, Rounded, Linked, Slanting, Cris-crossing, Suspended, Spoked, Thin, Wiry, Framed, Stepped, Huge, Airy, Massive, Dense, Oblong, Flat, Perched

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