You DO Need a “Gift” to be Psychic!

Have you wondered what it would be like to have just a touch of omniscience—a small (or even a bit more) psychic gift or talent to give you a little edge in life?  Odds are that if you have, you may have also assumed it was beyond you. After all, haven’t most of us heard that only people who have a certain “gift” or “talent” for “being psychic” can enjoy those benefits? Without the gift, many folks believe, you cannot be any more psychic than the muggles in Harry Potter’s world can be magical. My mission here is to tell you that those beliefs are wrong. You don’t actually have to be “gifted,” in the way so many claim, to be psychic.

Wait,” you say. “I’m confused! Doesn’t the title above say you do have to be gifted to be psychic?”  The reason for the confusion is this:  You do need a gift to be psychic. But, as it turns out, everyone has that gift! We each just have to learn to develop it for ourselves.

You may be startled by what I just wrote. It doesn’t match what we have often heard about having to be “special” in some way to experience extrasensory perception (ESP) or other forms of so-called psychic functioning. Yet there are many reading this who already know that what I am saying is true. And the proof comes from a surprising source: The United States military.

The evidence to support my claim has been building since 1972, but it only became public in 1995. That is when the CIA revealed that the US government had been using ESP for a quarter of a century to spy on Cold War enemies. They were talking about remote viewing, a kind of remote perception that itself is a species of extrasensory perception, or “ESP.”

For those of my readers who already know what remote viewing is, a portion of what follows will sound familiar. For those who don’t, this will be new ground.

To begin with, remote viewing is not channeling, fortune telling, psychic reading, scrying, psychometry, or any other of various paranormal or psychic modalities. And, as I explained in an earlier article, it isn’t astral projection or OBE, either. But it is an ESP skill which builds on a basic ability each of us were born with. In remote viewing we use our own mental abilities to gain experiences and impressions from people, places, objects, or events far away in time (yes, time!) or distance. Remote viewing activates unique powers common to every human mind and extends our perceptual abilities into nearly any nook or cranny in the universe.

Frightening reports coming out of Eastern Europe in the early 1970s revealed the Soviets were trying to turn these human mental powers into weapons. Alarmed, the CIA asked scientists at the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI-International) to explore ESP as an information collection tool. A group of otherwise ordinary soldiers and government civilians were recruited to use their minds to dig into secrets America’s Cold War foes were trying to hide. This eventually became known as the “Star Gate” program.

AN example of a successful military remote viewing project with a Soviet nuclear warhead as the target
An example of a successful military remote viewing project with a Soviet nuclear warhead as the target. Click for more details and images.

Though these psychic spies didn’t always succeed, when they did seemingly miraculous results often followed, from describing details of Chinese nuclear tests, to using dowsing techniques mixed with remote viewing during the War on Drugs to hunt down narcotraffickers and their illicit cargoes, to predicting an attack on a US warship fifty hours before it actually happened.  But here I want to emphasize – these exploits were performed not by “gifted” individuals, but by otherwise normal soldiers and civilians who had been taught how to perform psychically. Yes, you heard that right: They were taught to be psychic.

I spent seven years in the Star Gate program. My main job was to be an operational remote viewer. I had never had a psychic experience in my life. But I learned the process well enough that I was pressed into service as one of the main remote viewing trainers, asked to write the military’s official remote viewing manual, and to develop and teach dowsing skills to augment remote viewing.

Since then I have applied what I learned as a military remote viewer and trainer to teach ordinary citizens how to do what I do. That’s why I know that nearly all of us have the ability to project our consciousness in space and time. Among my military students, I never found a person who was incapable of learning at least the basics of psychic functioning, whether we are talking about dowsing or remote viewing. And I have had the same experience with the thousands of civilians I have since introduced to remote viewing.


Remote Perception remote viewing home study course
Paul’s home study course “Remote Perception: Basic Operational Training,” is an inexpensive way to begin to develop your psychic potential by learning the fundamentals of remote viewing.


My experience with the wide-spread nature of this “gift” is confirmed by research evidence. According to the lead scientists in the military-supported consciousness research program at SRI-International:

In our experience, anyone who decides for himself that it is safe to experience paranormal functioning can learn to do so. In our experiments, we have never found anyone who could not learn to perceive scenes, including buildings, roads, and people, even those at great distances and blocked from ordinary perception.1

Another group of researchers performed two remote viewing experiments, trying to reproduce the SRI work. They involved 41 participating undergraduate students, intending to

test the hypothesis that “remote viewing” of natural objects may be a latent and widely distributed ability. We used students in a university art course as percipients. None of them were known to possess extraordinary psychic abilities and none reported having prior experience in describing unknown remote locations.2

Their results with these non-psychic students were statistically significant. (For the scientifically-inclined,  p = 0.03.) Another research team performed a remote viewing experiment using a group of subjects who had never before tried to perform any kind of psychic task, with even higher statistical significance (p=0.009). They concluded that “The significant results of this series of trials lend further support to the hypothesis that the extrasensory channel of communication and/or perception utilized in precognitive remote viewing is a widespread and relatively common faculty…”3

One of the researchers in that experiment was Brenda Dunne, who went on to become cofounder of the legendary Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory. Brenda recently sent me an excerpt from one of PEAR’s articles, noting that in one long-term experiment they used “91 individual operators, all anonymous, uncompensated adults, none of whom claimed unusual abilities.” Those 91 people performed 2,497,200 trials over 12 years, producing highly significant results.4

Retired from the Army now since 1996, I still teach remote viewing and dowsing skills to adventurous souls willing to step outside the box and discover that there are new things in the universe to learn. I often refer to these skills as “applied consciousness” or “applied intuition” —a general way of talking about abilities that have real-world significance yet which conventional society says don’t exist. These abilities are nonetheless there like diamonds in the dirt just waiting to be picked up and dusted off by people with courage and determination. The only place where a “gift” enters in is the ability to focus, practice and master the techniques. Those who permit themselves to absorb the concepts and put them to use generally do well.  (In a later post I will tell you why some people don’t excel, and what they can do about it.)

Far too many of us humans sink too easily toward mediocrity. The clock is counting down for every one of us. Yet we are content to fill our precious minutes and hours with empty entertainment. If that describes you—even a little—you are selling yourself short. You are made of the same profound stuff as those others who choose instead to explore their true potential in the world of applied consciousness. So why not realize it for yourself? Decide today to become like them, seeking experiences, finding answers, and discovering unexpected knowledge and insight. Such experiences are accessible only through the native psychic abilities each of us already have, just waiting to be developed. Choose to pursue these skills, and you will never go back to being mediocre again.