What is Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing is the perfect fusion of practical application and transcendent consciousness. It is a form of “psychic” functioning, a skill based on ESP (“extrasensory perception”). Originally developed by the US military during the Cold War in what became known as the Star Gate Program, it was first used to hunt out foreign threats that were inaccessible in any other way. But it proved to be so much more than simply a tool for espionage, having many other practical uses, and much profounder implications. Since being declassified by the CIA in 1995, remote viewing has powerfully emerged into the civilian world. And you can learn it, too. More About Remote Viewing


Why Learn Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing doesn’t promise you either practicality or transcendence. It offers you both.

  • Some learn remote viewing as an investment tool, or for altruistic purposes, such as finding missing people or helping police.
  • Some learn it as a new way of exploring the world, or augmenting other interests and pursuits.
  • Most learn it for what they discover about themselves and the universe–things that mainstream society rejects, yet which are true.

When you have your first remote viewing success, you will instantly confirm for yourself the truth that we humans are much more than just our physical bodies. Learning remote viewing takes you far beyond the old slogan about being “all you can be.” Instead, it helps you become more than you ever thought you could be. That “more” can include practical solutions to real world problems. But it also means transcending the usual and embracing the awe lying beyond. [Read more here about why you will want to learning remote viewing .]


Who can learn remote viewing?

The short answer is, you can! For generations so many have believed that only the specially “gifted” can succeed at extrasensory perception, or being “psychic.” But scientists working for the US government proved that, in the form of remote viewing, nearly anyone can learn the skills associated with ESP and psychic functioning. By learning the correct principles, then applying them in the proper way, you can acquire the transcendent skills once known only to a small, secret group of elite psychic spies. Led by one of those former spies, our job is to teach you those principles and how to apply them for yourself.


Why Learn Remote Viewing From RVIS, Inc.?

Because we’re the best. It’s that simple. But before we tell you why we’re the best, let’s first qualify things by saying that we may not be the best choice for everyone. If you’re merely curious about remote viewing and want to learn about it as inexpensively as possible, you probably will want to start here.

Now, why are we the best? We’ve been teaching controlled remote viewing (CRV) commercially for 20 years–the longest continuously operating remote viewing training company in the business. But our chief instructor and president has been teaching many years longer than that. Paul H. Smith, Ph.D. (Major, US Army, ret.) trained personally with Dr. Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann, remote viewing’s founders. Paul is the longest-serving controlled remote viewing teacher active today, beginning as a CRV instructor in 1984 as a member of the original military Star Gate remote viewing program.

Under Paul’s leadership, we offer the most authentic and comprehensive remote viewing training available. Ours is the only teaching program in the world that closely follows the content and structure of the original Swann/Puthoff methodology. Just like their approach, our’s is personalized and intense. Because of that, to maintain the high quality of our program we only admit a handful of students into our classes each year. Our clientele as a result includes only the most committed remote viewing students. Click here to read more about our program.