Nancy Smith, Educator, public school principal (Idaho)

Remote viewing training with Paul H. Smith was a very good experience. If a person wants to become a good, accurate remote viewer this is the best way to learn it. The course is sequential, with personal engaged guidance at each step, guidance from people who have been successfully viewing for years. Than you, Paul, for such a great experience!

Joe Matto, Architect (Connecticut)

Paul Smith’s RVIS course more than met my expectations! The instructional material was exceedingly intriguing, well organized and carefully paced to match the student’s learning capacity. All of it was fascinating and clearly the culmination of cutting edge research and knowledge in the amazing field of Remote Viewing.

Paul Smith’s instructional courses in Remote Viewing are as “direct from the source” as you can get! As the primary author of the DIA’s CRV Training Manual, Paul literally “wrote the book”, collaborating with other Fort Meade Remote Viewers who were directly trained by Ingo Swan, supervised by Skip Atwater along with interactions and input from Hal Puthoff…. A “Piece de Resistance” when it comes to Remote Viewing, reviewed and evaluated by Ingo Swann himself. I was particularly pleased that the method & process taught by Paul Smith was 100% faithful to the CRV protocol developed with Ingo Swann from the actual original Star-Gate program.

Paul’s presentations were lively and engaging. He quickly gets and keeps your attention. Paul is keenly aware of whether a student is grasping the information or not, and always thinking of ways to make the information more relevant and understandable. He is astute in connecting and relating the the student’s own personal experiences while learning, with proper CRV theory and methods.

On a personal note, Paul is delightfully friendly, gregarious, caring and a wealth of information. His insights and knowledge over a broad range of subjects beyond just Remote Viewing, often put me in a curious and attentive state as we explored many far-reaching ideas and topics during our conversations.

As a teacher, some might say Paul is “tough and demanding” requiring a lot of homework between classes. But clearly this is only to the benefit of the student in learning and actually performing real remote viewing sessions. I was always excited to meet for the next class in order to discuss the homework assignments and results.

But most of all, I enjoyed hearing about the early remote viewing pioneers. I loved getting pieces of the “inside remote-viewing story,” learning about the personal relationships through an accurate recounting of the history and development of the Star Gate program…. especially those stories that related to Hal Puthoff or the master himself, Ingo Swann. I can not imagine another instructor better able to teach authentic Remote Viewing in the true style and legacy of Ingo Swann.


Dave Boles, concrete contractor, (Australia)

This training…has been phenomenal. Full-on learning with an abundance of new knowledge. So from my perspective the educational experience was excellent, and no doubt I have improved my skills in remote viewing. But most of all my senses have a whole new outlook on life and the world we live in. Your ability to pump knowledge into us was daunting, yet you strategically took us to Cedar Breaks at the right time so we could rest, take in what was taught, and enjoy some extraordinary sights of this tranquil, beautiful part of the USA.  [View Dave’s “My Remote Viewing Journey”]


Alexis Poquiz, security officer (Washington)

I thought the course was a lot different than what I had imagined it would be. I enjoyed the “personal” aspect of the class, and especially enjoyed the experience of having a monitor. I now feel lot more confidence about remote viewing. I came to learn the process and I’m confident I will be able to do targets on my own without the nagging feeling of “Am I doing this right?” perhaps the most beneficial part about taking the course was learning that there really are “regular” people doing RV–that there really isn’t something “special” that you need. A rewarding experience. And observing Paul’s demo was very revealing that the process does work!


Will Capps, IT professional (California)

This CRV class was very affirming and really, life changing for me. I learned a great deal and found the work rigorously challenging but not overwhelming. Many parts of my life and work came full circle.

One part of the main things was coming to develop a structure to consistently follow to receive any type of intuitive data, especially sense data. All the teachings and lectures were generous, positive and affirming of the CRV process, both personally as it applies to my own work, and historically as it applies to the field. I especially appreciated the Hal Puthoff lecture. I do feel more in control of myself and my process because of the learning and knowing where I am headed next as it relates to CRV. I loved it. Thanks!


Dmitri Oster, director, One World Counseling (New York)

Having spent a more-than-full week with Dr. Paul H. Smith beginning to learn and practice the discipline of controlled remote viewing has been a unique and singular experience. I am grateful for having the opportunity to begin to learn the skill-set and craft by one of this country’s most experienced and dynamic initial practitioners. The attention to detail and strict commitment to the practice of actual CRV along with an appreciation for its rich cultural history in the military and civilian domains emanates from all of Dr. Paul h. Smith’s instructions. It is this dynamic mix that held my attention throughout this component of training, and that stays with me as I remain motivated to practicing and learning from this art and science.


Juan Montoya, programmer and engineer (Texas)

This class was very interesting and very well presented. The qualifications and knowledge of the instructor are outstanding. I am glad with all the available options out there I made the right decision. The knowledge I gained opens a new window to endless opportunities. For a person who had been resolving problems all my life and trying to keep my feet on the ground, this was an amazing experience. It reaffirms a lot of things that I always wondered about and makes me more curious about what else we can find in the “Matrix.” I think for people starting out with remote viewing, this class has to be one of the best ones in the country. Paul is very focused on the basis of the technology and how and why things (in remote viewing) happen. This helps a lot in getting to the point where you realize it works no matter what. As long as you have a solid foundation, it’s up to you to keep building on top of it.


Alexis Champion, computer scientist and business owner (Paris, France)

The class was very good. In fact, I think I’m going to rate it with an “excellent” 🙂 ! It was perfectly balanced between the theoretical, practice, and outdoor parts. Practicing CRV was a really totally new thing to me (I had practiced ERV and a little bit of ARV) and I highly appreciated Paul’s way to do it. Paul, as only Americans can be, was a very reliable, open, professional and more than easy to get along with trainer. I have to say that before having this basic class, I wasn’t that keen on taking the intermediate class. Now I’m convinced I’m going to go see Paul for the next step of the adventure. Thank you for that perfect job you did with a foreign student with high expectations. Oh, yeah–I quit on a high! (From 2009; Alexis has since taken both the Intermediate and Advanced CRV courses.) Alexis’s Website.


Paul O’Hara, sports massage therapist (Scotland)

Throughout this course I have learned more than in anything else I have ever done. Paul is a true professional. I am so glad I had the option to train with Paul. He never seems tired of teaching, and nothing seems a bother to him. He is very passionate about teaching remote viewing and viewing. I feel we have been spoiled, as I have learned so much about remote viewing and also about myself.


John D_ , long-haul truck driver (California)

This week has been both extraordinary, and enlightening. So let me say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! First, confirming that there really is so much more than this three dimensional world. So much more available to us to explore and bring into our life experience. As the class days went on, I felt both elated and deflated. However, I feel like I am an apprentice remote viewer. I’m walking away with goals that continue what you started or, better said, what we began. Thank you again for a great week.


Ursula Ferrero, (Florida)

I really appreciated the ambience of the class. It was friendly, and everyone had a lot of respect for each other. I had taken a similar class from somebody else, but I found I had missed a lot of information and details. I needed clarification on many important points. I thank Paul for his patience with us. He is the very best instructor I know.


Gary Arnold, entrepreneur and business consultant (Louisiana)

The instruction was top-notch…The small class size and personal attention and discussion were great (unbelievable, really!).


Tim Ferriss, author, entrepreneur, and human guinea pig (California)

Paul, I had a blast with your course! My favorite parts:

  • Immersive practice sessions with you.
  • History and time with Hal Puthoff.
  • Field trips.
  • Lunch Q&A.
  • Many others.

Overall, I love your style, sincerity, and dedication to teaching remote viewing in a methodical and replicable way. It’s been fun, informative, and raises excellent questions about human perception and beyond. Thanks!  Tim’s website.


Alyson Gannon (Medium)

The course was a great introduction to the field of remote viewing. It’s exciting to have been by you, knowing that you received your training from the military and continue to teach based on this protocol. I really enjoyed the format you set up and while I was eager to get to the practice exercises, I was glad you made sure we understood all the terms, stages, and what were doing/going to do.

I did enjoy the various exercises and drawing assignments. Eating lunch together was great, as it gave us an opportunity to learn more about you and remote viewing. A highlight of our course was the meeting you arranged with Hal Puthoff–that really helped to solidify the history of RV. The time you invested in the course and teaching us showed that you really cared about us as students and as individuals. Since day one I was impressed by your earnestness. My favorite part of the course was the practice sessions. Overall, I am very happy to have taken your basic course and feel that it will be helpful in my mediumship work as well as providing a new avenue/tool to gather psychic information. Thank you Paul for creating and teaching such a wonderful class and thank you for having such dedication to your students.


Cecilia Cervantes, physician (Austin, Texas)

The course gave me new insight into my abilities and actually improved my confidence in my intuition. I believe it will also serve to make me more disciplined in certain respects. I look forward to pursuing more training in the future. Paul is very thorough in his approach and made the class enjoyable! I feel very encouraged to continue on the path and look forward to more learning.


Juli Greene, interpreter for the deaf (Illinois)

Paul, you exceeded my expectations in this course!! Perfect balance of playtime and work time. The activities and field trips truly aided in the learning process. I appreciate all the long hours you invest in us as students. Well worth the money!! As well, meeting Hal Puthoff was a highlight. Thank you for maintaining Ingo Swann’s traditional teachings–validates the process. And thank you for not laughing when we’re on the analog line instead of the signal-line!


James Mora, systems analyst (Texas)

This course is everything as advertised. I feel that I got my money’s worth in course instruction and instructor time. I would recommend this class to others, and I plan to attend the intermediate course sometime within the next year. Thanks for helping me as I begin my remote viewing journey.


Andrew Oxendine, business development (Virginia)

The Basic Controlled Remote Viewing Course was and still is an awesome experience. Above all, the lectures were thorough and provided the necessary feedback and encouragement. I am positive all I have learned will remain with me for the rest of my life. I have gained insight into letting my inner ey to to experience that which I held under restriction/at bay. Paul, I appreciate you guiding me through each session with patience and an open mind to my multi-contextual perspective. I am eager to make more mistakes, learn, and overcome!


Jason Plotz (Canada)

This course far exceeded my expectations. I obviously came here unsure what I was getting into, exactly. But despite my concerns, I had an interesting and enlightening experience, and learned a lot, to say the least! Even all the essay writing wasn’t as bad as I had thought and was indeed helpful for learning and retention. The field trip day was especially great. Great experience and I learned a lot! Thanks for everything.


Patricia Woolaver, artist (Canada)

The week was jam-packed! Paul, your instruction was thorough, and laid out in a logical manner. Your explanations made sense–my subconscious seemed to agree and enjoyed the process. This process of CRV seems to agree with me! You and [your assistant] Angela created a warm, friendly learning environment. I’m going to look back on our week spent slogging through basic fondly–the start of a new way of doing things! See you again for “Round II.”


Jon Noble, computer management (New York)

A very enjoyable week, instructional and engaging. Although from my own studies I was familiar with much of the material, having Paul walk us through it and explain it was a great way for it to sink in. I found the note taking and essays to be hard work, but I see the benefits. Hard work at this stage will pay off in the long run, as the information will last.

I now, for example, have a lot better understanding of CRV Stage 1. From the reading the military manual I missed motion/feeling concept. Having Paul explain in the presentation and during my practice sessions had been very helpful! I think the small group format is good. It gives everybody and opportunity to ask questions. Thank you–a great week.


Jody Cinnamon, (Canada)

Thank you. I’ve had a great, though-provoking week. The course has solidified my belief in a phenomenon I thought was real but was still a little unsure about. It is noted on your website that you “get what you pay for,” and you are absolutely correct. My money has been well spent. I like that you present the course how it was originally taught, but point out where or how your thoughts differ from the original methodology. Please feel free to use me as a reference to any potential clients. I would be happy to pass along my experiences.