Below are links to a sampling of the many successful remote viewing sessions produced by Paul H. Smith and his students. Keep in mind that these are all real remote viewing sessions, in which the viewer was targeted on a real-world location or event, and that the viewer is in fact completely blind to the nature or identity of the intended target. This means that the viewer is kept totally unwitting as to what the target is, and only receives an arbitrary number to launch him or her into the session.

We recommend you start with Paul’s controlled remote viewing (CRV) example session, as that illustrates the format of a typical Stage 3-level CRV session transcript. You can access that here.

An example of a more advanced Stage 4 CRV session by Paul can be seen here.

You can also see the results of one of Paul’s operational sessions from the Star Gate days here on the Remote Viewing/Remote Perception Blog.


Here are full sessions from a selection of RVIS, Inc.’s remote viewing students:







There are more examples of successful remote viewing sessions in Paul’s book, The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing.

(Sometime in the near future, we will also be uploading examples from Paul H. Smith’s 1980s-era Star Gate training work.)