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[See notice above] Listed here are remote viewing books and related products that are available to help you in your exploration of this fascinating human skill. We are sure that you will find these of great help in your remote viewing journey!


Remote Perception: Basic Operational Training

Remote Perception Course[Newly re-engineered and streaming now!] Perfect for those with limited resources or limited time–or who just want to take a no-pressure remote viewing course they can study in the comfort of their own living room. This four-DVD set is a compressed version of Paul’s acclaimed 40+ hour Basic Controlled Remote Viewing Course, with an added module on the functionality of human perception. Our Remote Perception home-study course is an excellent starting point for your remote viewing journey. The Remote Perception: Basic Operational Training home-study is particularly valuable for those who lack the time or resources for our mote extensive and intensive in-person courses, or for those who want to explore the extent of their interest in remote viewing before deciding on a greater commitment later. Click here to order yours today!


Learn Technical Dowsing

Learn Dowsing course[See notice above] Here is your opportunity to explore intuitive geospatial locating, also known as technical dowsing. This highly-praised, two-DVD home study course, led by Paul H. Smith, introduces you to the fundamentals of map, decisional, matrix, and diagram dowsing, and much more. Technical dowsing is an ideal adjunct to your remote viewing tool kit, and it’s also a great skill even if you are not yet a remote viewer.


The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing: The Secret Military Remote Perception Skill Anyone Can Learn

Essential guide to remote viewing by Paul H SmithGet a signed copy of Paul H. Smith’s complete introduction to remote viewing, the first and only one of its kind. This book is perfect not just to inform those who have only recently heard of remote viewing, but for those who have been involved in the field for a long time, and anyone, anywhere in between. It is also valuable as a resource for those who are already engaged in remote viewing to give to their more skeptical family and friends as a way of introducing them to the fascinating field of remote viewing in a way that is not threatening or over-sensationalized.

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