If someone told you there was a science-developed skill that allowed you to extend your conscious perception across your town, your continent, around the world, or even through time, would that get your attention? If you heard that remote viewing gave strong evidence that our minds can transcend the limits of our physical brains, would you want to find out how that was possible? Would you want to prove it for yourself? Remote viewing does all that and more. It is a fascinating topic to explore, not just for what it can do, but for what it tells us about our human selves. And you can experience it first hand.

With remote viewing, you don’t have to immediately jump into the deep end of the pool when you begin. You can start off easy and gradually deepen your understanding at your own pace. Some folks are happy to stay at the basic level. There is certainly plenty to experience even there. Others soon grow interested in more detail and move into more challenging areas. Then there are those who want to dig more deeply still, and really invest time and energy in developing serious knowledge and skill. You don’t have to be afraid to engage remote viewing at any level that fits your style.

The links below lead you to additional information that will deepen your understanding of remote viewing without getting in over your head. For starters, you may want to watch Remote Viewing: Martial Art for the Mind, Paul’s basic video introduction to the subject. You can then go on from there.


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