• Training Associate, CRV, ERV

A veteran of five war-time tours in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan, Bill Ray is a retired Army major and DoD Civilian, with more than 50 years of combined Federal government service as an intelligence and counterintelligence officer, 20 of which were in Europe. He is one of five Star Gate military remote viewing program viewers trained by Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann, the creators of remote viewing.

Bill spent over three and a half years as a remote viewer with the remote viewing unit at Fort George G. Meade. For 18 months of that time he lead the unit as its commander. During 1985 to 1986 he facilitated the complex and difficult transfer of the Star Gate program from the Army Intelligence and Security Command to the Defense Intelligence Agency. He has been involved with remote viewing since the beginning of 1984, with hundreds of operational remote viewing sessions to his credit. Bill also taught controlled remote viewing (CRV) privately for several years while stationed in Europe and also since his return to the United States. Since 2002, he has served as an adjunct faculty member and instructor in remote viewing training for Remote Viewing Instructional Services, when his official duties permitted.

He has been the engaging and entertaining master of ceremonies for several of the annual Remote Viewing Conferences (sponsored by the International Remote Viewing Association). His 2010 Remote Viewing Conference presentation on the fundamentals of monitoring remote viewing sessions is a classic work in the field.

Bill has a bachelors degree in history from the State University of New York and a masters degree in international relations from the University of Southern California. He currently resides in Wisconsin, where he helps his adult children in their restaurant business and fills his primary role as proud grandfather.



  •  Associate Trainer, CRV

Having been involved with remote viewing for 20 years, John has studied CRV with Paul H. Smith, Lyn Buchanan, Ed Dames, David Morehouse, and Psi Tech. Since 2007, he has had multiple roles at RVIS, Inc., including assistant instructor, student mentor, operational remote viewer, and project manager.

Working with the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), he served as secretary, vice president, president, and board member.

Along with Paul H. Smith, John co-designed and was a co-investigator in the IRVA-sponsored CRV-REG Study. The goal was to see if Random Event Generators (REGs) would react by having their random data outputs go nonrandom in reaction to accurate remote viewing.

To improve his understanding of CRV and share his thoughts with the community, John published a trilogy of CRV Hints and Tips articles initially published in Aperture and now available through the Center Lane Project (CLP) website. These articles reflect knowledge gained through conversations and feedback from Ingo Swann’s students, Paul H. Smith, Bill Ray, Tom McNear, and Tom Burgen, as well as discussions with Ingo himself.

Along with Ingo Swann, Robert M. Knight, and Nick Cook, John co-produced The Incredible Mr. Swann, a short biographical film on the life of Ingo Swann. After Ingo’s passing, he co-produced A Life Gone Wild, an adaptation of the earlier film, with Robert M. Knight, Maryanne Bilham-Knight, and Nick Cook. The film won the award for Best Biopic at the 2017 Philip K. Dick Film Festival held in New York City.

John, who previously served as the head of a San Diego-based company that designs and manufactures electronics focusing on digital video processing, has been awarded numerous patents. His inventions have flown as experimental components in NASA’s Space Shuttle Program, and Sony, Philips, and Mitsubishi sold his products under their brand names. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, supplemented by electrical engineering, computer science, and aviation coursework.

He is an aviation enthusiast with over 2,400 hours of flight time. As a jet-rated pilot, John has received training and flown in military training jets from both the Soviet and NATO eras, in addition to operating US commercial jet and turbine aircraft.

Presently, John is the vice president and a board member of the non-profit Center Lane Project, a controlled remote viewing knowledge-sharing and practitioner network. Additionally, he occupies his time by engaging in pro-bono, non-profit website design. John has previously developed websites for IRVA, the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild (HRVG), the CRV-REG project, and the Rhine Research Center. He most recently collaborated with CLP President Jana Rogge on the design of the Center Lane Project website.


Remote viewing assistant instructor Dr. Ellen Huffman-Zechman, MDDR. ELLEN HUFFMAN-ZECHMAN, MD

  • Associate Trainer, CRV, ERV

Ellen is a semi-retired physician with training in pathology, obstetrics, and aesthetics. She is a Social Security Disability Consultant and former Veteran’s Administration Disability Consultant, has served on the board of the American Board of General Practice, and is a past president of the American Academy of General Physicians. Before admission to medical school as a young mother, she was trained and worked as an electrical engineer.

Ellen started her remote viewing training in 2008, and has completed all the way up through the Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing Course from Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc (RVIS, Inc.). She is an experienced remote viewing monitor and has worked as an assistant instructor for RVIS Inc. since 2022. Over the past nearly two decades, Ellen has been a member of the board of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), advisor and facilitator for the remote viewing special interest group of the Rhine Research Center, and has been a presenter and/or volunteer at multiple IRVA annual remote viewing conferences. She is the mother of four young men, and is an ardent student of Gregorian chant, having performed with chant groups at the Vatican before the Pope. She loves gardening and growing flowers.


Remote viewer and RVIS assistant instructor Joffre PerreaultJOFFRE PERREAULT

  • Associate Trainer, CRV

Joffre is a Canadian citizen living in Ontario, and is a member of Sheshegwaning First Nations band of the Odawa Nation. He has a BA in History from the University of Guelph along with many post-degree Bio Med science courses. As a business owner, he has over 30 years experience owning and operating an inter-provincial contracting company in Ontario and Nova Scotia, Canada. He has also partnered in other business ventures through the years and has served as a director on business boards, currently serving as a director on the finance committee for a large First Nation non-profit organization.

Joffre is a long-time volunteer, supporter and sponsor of minors’ sports in his community, serving terms as a director-at-large and a president of his community’s minor hockey league. As a creative pass-time, he enjoys sculpting and carving and, in keeping with his First Nation heritage, is an avid hunter and off-grid canoeist and trekker.

Passionate about remote viewing, Joffre’s interest in the topic became quite strong around the year 2000, and has now been formalized as a student of remote viewing and active in the remote viewing community in one way or another for nearly a decade. His formal remote viewing training has continued through to the Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing course-level in RVIS Inc.’s CRV program (instructed by Paul H. Smith), culminating in his being invited to work for RVIS, Inc. as an assistant instructor for both Basic and Advanced CRV courses.

Joffre has worked as an Operational Remote viewer since 2019, and has established himself as a sought-after operational remote viewer, participating in numerous real-world projects. He is as an integral member of the Husick Group, the most prominent professional remote viewing organization active today.



  • Course Coordinator, DACH Region
  • Training Development Associate
  • Associate Trainer, CRV

Jana Rogge is a German researcher, graphic designer and author. She’s a trained and accomplished remote viewer, and has created international connections within the remote viewing field.

She began her career as an artist, then studied visual communication in Weimar and graduating in 2001 with a degree in graphic design. Her thesis investigated hypertext-based research methods in the application of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s written legacy.

Jana runs several projects and companies, including a research institute, a communication and design agency, two publishing houses and operational remote viewing work groups. For seven years she held a teaching position at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, where she taught the fundamentals of visual design and perception theory.

In her current position as a Senior Advisor to MK Advisors, she leads an R&D effort for multi-phase, long-term studies on remote viewing and ESP applications and technology development, helping to leverage the organization’s projects. MK Advisors is a US based, woman owned business operating in the Pacific, sub Saharan Africa, and the US with the Department of Defense, and communities to accelerate the adoption of advanced technology for the productive use of energy and economic development.

Building upon a decade of personal experience with non-local perception, in 2019 Jana learned about Remote Viewing, and subsequently received training in TRV and CRV from notable leaders in the field, including Gunther Rattay, David Morehouse, Manfred Jelinski, Pam Coronado and, finally, Paul H. Smith, PhD (together with Bill Ray) who she considers her mentor and continues to work with on several projects. Beginning in the spring of 2021, she has assisted Paul and RVIS, Inc. with CRV courses in Germany and in the USA, and also acts as a student mentor.

In 2022, Jana won the IRVA/iRiS research award for a research project on the evaluation of data correctness in CRV sessions. She is now in the finishing stages of this project, and hopes to publish her results soon.

Jana is a member of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), the Parapsychological Association (PA), the Society of Scientific Exploration (SSE), the German Society of Anomalistics (GfA), and the Rhine Research Center.

She has written and published books on a variety of different topics. In collaboration with the Institute, she is currently developing a series of scientific and historical publications on Remote Viewing.

Jana is the current Editor-in-Chief of the IRVA’s English-language magazine Aperture, published by the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA). She published the bilingual book From Star Gate to Today —CRV After 3 Decades, (Eckhaus Verlag, 2021) as well as the German translation of Paul H. Smith’s book, Essential Guide: Grundlagen des Remote Viewing (Eckhaus Verlag, 2022). Together with Paul H. Smith and Tom McNear she published the English-language compendium The Foundations of Controlled Remote Viewing (Center Lane Publishing, 2023), which collects fundamental CRV works.  Starting in 2023, she serves as the managing editor of the new parapsychology publication, New Thinking Allowed Magazine.



Emeritus Instructors


Nancy Jeane, M.Ed.

  • Associate Trainer, CRV

Nancy has 23 years experience as an educator in New York state and Texas public schools, and has been a student of remote viewing and active in the remote viewing community in one way or another for nearly a decade. She has completed training through Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing with Paul H. Smith, and has also taken training from F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater, Lyn Buchanan, Joseph (“Joe”) McMoneagle, and David Morehouse. She has worked as an assistant instructor for RVIS, Inc. since 2007, bringing her talents to assist in the remote viewing training of scores of new remote viewers. She is also a former member of the board of the International Remote Viewing Association, and is author of the book Reading My Mind–A Personal Journal: From Retired School Teacher to Professional Remote Viewer.

She has also completed at least twelve Monroe Institute Workshops and is a member of the Professional Division at The Monroe Institute (TMI). Nancy has a further interest in intuitive healing, and has worked with several healing techniques including classes with Mietek Wirkus, Caroline Myss, and Dr. C. Norman Shealy. She has completed the Third Degree Reiki Certification.

She has a bachelor of science degree from Stephen F. Austin University, a master of education from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, and five Texas state educational certificates.