Paul H Smith giving advice to a student during a remote viewing class

Following a format similar to our “Messages From Your Mind” ARV course, you will be introduced to every role in an operational remote viewing project. You will get four days of hands-on instruction in and experience as a project manager, tasker, viewer, and analyst on real-world remote viewing operational missions with known solutions. The final course project will involve a real-world task that has not yet been resolved, and data produced by the class will be provided to a real-world consumer in a position to take action based on the information we develop. This is a new course offering, and is still under development. Further details will be added to this description as they are finalized.

The prerequisite for this course requires training and experience to at least an intermediate level from any credible remote viewing school or training program. You do not need to a be controlled remote viewing student to take this course. Equivalent-level backgrounds in Technical Remote Viewing, Scientific Remote Viewing, or similar are acceptable. But you do have to have attained a reasonably advanced level of experience or training in some type of remote viewing. Check with the course instructor to verify you meet the minimum requirements for taking this course before you sign up.

[NOTE: Registration is not yet live for this course. Please contact us to indicate your interest and inquire whether you meet the necessary prerequisites to attend at .]

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