Target 201201760 is “Love Beach” (Playa del Amor)

Marieta Islands, Mexico

20° 42′ 14″ N  //  105° 34′ 01″W


Target 201201760 is "Love Beach" (Playa del Amor"), Marietas Islands, Mexico
Target 201201760 is “Love Beach” (Playa del Amor”), Marietas Islands, Mexico


Aerial view of Target 201201760--Love Beach is in the upper section of the photo
Aerial view of Target 201201760–Love Beach is in the upper section of the photo.
Another view inside Target 201201760
Another view inside Target 201201760.










Entrance to Target 201201760
Entrance to Target 201201760.

Possible Stage 2s (“sensory experience”): Gritty, Rocky, Stony, Crumbly, Sandy, Craggy, Gravelly, Pitted, Pebbly, Abrasive, Soft, Yielding, Warm, Dry, Cool, Wet, Moist, Lapping, Splashing, Crashing, Rushing, Echoing, Salty, Earthy, Mossy, Brown, Azure, Blue, Green, Tan, Dark Brown, Beige, White, Bright, Dim, Shadowy, Dark, Glaring, Mottled, Splotchy, Glistening, Sparkling, Twinkling

Possible dimensional perceptions: Wide, Hollow, Tall, Surrounded, Flat, Sheer, Curving, Enclosing, Overhanging, Dense, Wavy, Undulating, Sloping, Towering, Overarching, Airy

Possible Aesthetic Impact: Awesome, Breathtaking, Beautiful, Grandeurous, Claustrophobic, Stunning, Exciting, Peaceful, Relaxing, Pleasant, “I like it here,” Fun

And remember to compare your sketches to the actual target feedback to look for similarities.