New dates for Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit

Some weeks ago we announced the Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit. Due to scheduling issues (too complicated to explain here), we have now moved the dates for the Summit one month later to Thursday evening through Sunday evening, 27-30 October 2022. The event still takes place at the SUU Mountain Center. Those signed up for our newsletter already received the date-change information. If you are not yet on the newsletter list, sign up now on the Summit webpage. Preliminary program information and other details coming in the next few days.

The Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit brings you a heady mix of informative presentations, discussions, workshops, field trips to beautiful and fascinating places, and as a change of pace, fun after-hours activities. Subject matter will include a variety of remote viewing and consciousness topics.World-class experts on remote viewing and consciousness will be your teachers, guides and mentors.

For those reading this who are unfamiliar with remote viewing, find out more here.